Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thing 17

Some of you have asked how to complete Thing 17. Thing 17 is the Learning 2.0 Sandbox wiki. To click on the link takes you to marylandlibrriessandbox.pbworks.com, which is the wiki. There is a very tiny, almost invisable Icon that leads you to OpenID.com..

After you click on the Icon, you are taken to OpenID and asked if you want to create one user name and password that grants access to this wiki.

It is your choice to create a user name and password to view the Sandbox. If you do, follow the prompts and view the Sandbox wiki. If you do not want to, then blog your experience about your attempt to view Thing 17. Either way, be sure to cut and paste the permalink to your tracking log. Kate T.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Here is my picture that I decided to add after reading about Flickr. I already had this picture on my flash drive, so I decided to go with learning how to upload my picture into this blog, and then write about the experience. Just to give you some background as to why I selected this picture, Ethan is my grand-nephew. When his Mom told him I was coming to visit, she said to him, "We're going to dinner with Aunt Kate." Oh, said Ethan, "I love Aunt Cake!" So now, I'm Aunt Cake. This was very easy to upload this picture into my blog. I hope you enjoy it.